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Are you a residential homeowner needing a storage container for temporary rental during a residential renovation? Or are you a commercial business needing a storage container or mobile office rental for a new project? There are many uses for A-Box Storage Rentals, and no one combines all the possible customer service options as A-Box Storage Rentals.

Here you can get the personal service of a small business with the security and convenience of a national network at one address. Our services are different and more dedicated to providing the personal attention to those needing local or global mobile equipment rental and transport services for these key reasons:

  • Not all customer service requirements are the same.
  • Every mobile equipment service consumer has different size, locational, and time requirements.
  • One size mobile equipment does not necessarily fit all size requirements.
  • With so many equipment combinations, organization and administration is necessary.
  • One mobile equipment type may not physically fit in all locations.

Everyone is familiar with the horror stories of moving. The stories range from full service movers using “bait and switch” rate tactics, deceptive business practices, holding property hostage til the bill is paid, losing or damaging property, to personal injury and worse due to negligent rental truck maintenance or inexperienced drivers.

Contact us today for more information. Call 410.476.7479 and just ask for Steve for Personal Hands-On Service.